Activity 7: Key Services Involved In Importing Sea Freight

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This activity requires students to use web-based resources to research the key roles and functions performed by those working in a port and supporting import and export activity.


Distribute Student Materials 7, 'Key Services Involved In Importing Sea Freight'. Recap the Definition of a Supply Chain. Ensure students' understanding of the term 'service provider' and discuss the possible examples of those that they have identified in the supply chain of chocolate.

Sea ports and airports are important hubs in numerous supply chains and the location for many processes and services that need to be undertaken to move freight in and out of Australia. Australia's largest port for containerised freight is the Port of Melbourne. Therefore the processing of international sea freight is very important to the Victorian economy. Direct students to investigate the key roles and services performed in a sea port to facilitate the importation of freight.

Select working partners or allow students to choose their own research buddy for this activity. Direct students to the Whole Supply Chain Awareness Tool at the following address:

Students should navigate through the tabs relating to the import process. Ask them to select service providers, listed on the left hand side. After reading information about them and/or watching the video clips, students should use this knowledge to complete the matching activity Import Process Service Providers. Ask students to match the service provider with the correct description of the service they provide.


Student Materials


Definition: Supply Chain

A supply chain is the network of producers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers who turn raw materials into finished goods and services delivered to consumers. The supply chain includes the planning, recording and communication needed to make the movement of goods between chain members efficient.

Whole Supply Chain Awareness Tool: Source for Research

Research the Importing Process. You can click on the pictures of people to find out who they are and what they do.

T&L Careers Website

Fly out > Sea
Fly out > International Sea Freight.

Import Process Service Providers

Use your research to match these service providers with the description of the service they perform.