Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS)


The Right Move - Geography of Logistics & Supply Chains addresses learning focus statements from all three strands. These include:

1. Physical, Personal and Social Learning - Level 5

  • Work in teacher and student selected teams to complete short and long-term tasks.
  • Recognise differing capabilities and acknowledge the advantage using a variety of learning and thinking styles.
  • Build knowledge cooperatively to achieve a shared purpose.
  • Reflect on the contribution students have made and how it can be improved.
  • Consider how team effectiveness can be improved.
  • Set realistic short-term and long-term learning goals and describe students' progress towards achieving these.
  • Develop students' skills in learning with, and from, their peers.
  • Begin to take responsibility for the development and maintenance of a positive learning environment.

2. Discipline-Based Learning

(a) Geography - Level 5
  • Investigate the characteristics of the regions of Australia and those surrounding it.
  • Identify patterns of distribution, and occurrence of major physical features and their interrelationship with human activities such as farming, fishing, manufacturing and settlement.
  • Investigate environmental issues.
  • Collect and process data and present a summary of results using a range of techniques.
(b) Civics And Citizenship - Level 5
  • Examine Australian export and import trade.
  • Explore government responsibility to protect Australian public health and environment.
  • Explore communication between countries and services to comply with procedures to protect the environment.

3. Interdisciplinary Learning

(a) Thinking Processes - Level 5
  • Use a range of appropriate strategies of reasoning and analysis to evaluate evidence and consider students' own, and others', points of view.
  • Participate in challenging tasks that stimulate, encourage and support the development of students' thinking.
  • Recognise the complexity of many of the ideas and concepts being explored, and use a range of thinking strategies to develop connections.
  • Focus on tasks that require creative thinking for understanding, synthesis and decision making.
(b) Communication - Level 5
  • Expand students' knowledge of specialised language used across the curriculum to communicate specific meanings and gain practice in using specific forms of communication.
  • Develop a range of strategies for listening attentively and extracting meaning from communications.
  • Respond to a wide variety of aural, written and visual media.
  • Share the meaning students have constructed with others and discuss any differences.
  • Continue to challenge assumptions, use questions to clarify understanding, and justify individual interpretations while acknowledging that others may have different interpretations.
  • Present information, ideas and opinions.
  • Focus on identifying the key messages to communicate and structure ideas logically and coherently.
  • Experiment with a range of presentation forms and seek feedback as to the effectiveness of their communication.


The Right Move - Geography of Logistics & Supply Chains can be used to assess a range of Victorian Essential Learning Standards. This table shows how this unit might be used to address some Level 5 standards.